To run the Contract Status report:
  1. Navigate to Reports.
  2. Filter for Category: Admissions -- ReEnrollment Reports, or use the Report Search field and search for "Contract Status."
  3. Click Run to the far right of the report.
  4. Select your Entering Year and Contract Type.
  5. Click Generate Report.
  6. Status:
    • None: Contract has not been viewed.
    • Saved: Contract has been viewed/started, but not submitted.
    • Submitted: Contract has been submitted, but not processed.
    • Processed: Contract has been processed by admissions. 
User-added image

Another option would be to run the Contract Export. Users can export the data to excel. In the signature columns, there will be an entry for each user that signed the contract. If there are no signatures present, all signatory rows will be blank. This report cannot be filtered to only display data for submitted contracts but can be ideal for reporting later on the in the admissions season.
  1. Go to Analyze > Reports > ReEnrollment Reports
  2. Run Contract Export
  3. Choose the Year and Contract
  4. Select "Export to Excel"
  5. Search for Signatory columns with all blank rows.