Matching Gift Claims are applying to Pledge Application

When reviewing the Revenue > Recognition History tab for a Constituent record, Matching Gift Claims are showing with an Application of Pledge and/or Donation.
The Application for Matching Gift Claim transactions is dependent on the Relationship Settings on the Constituent record and how the Payment and/or Claim is entered in Blackbaud CRM.

For Transactions with an Application of Pledge, the Constituent will need a Matching Gift relation with an organization and have the following checkbox marked under Relationships > Relationship tab (Edit the Organization Relationship record): "The organization will match contributions for this relationship"

With the Checkbox above marked, whenever a Payment is submitted for a Pledge, the Matching Gift Claim will automatically be created and show under the Revenue > Recognition History section of the Constituent record as a Matching Gift Claim transactions with an application of Pledge.

However, if the checkbox is not marked on the constituent's relationship record, then no Matching Gift Claim will be automatically created and will need to be manually added through the Payment record.

When a Matching Gift Claim is manually added in CRM, the transaction will show as Matching Gift Claim and the application will show as Donation.


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