Integrated records' addresses aren't updating when processing gifts through Online Express

When accepting gifts in Online Express through Raiser's Edge, if there is an address change via an online gift submission and the change occurs in Raiser's Edge, it will only sync with Education Edge to the record that gave the gift, and not all of the records that share addresses with that record in Education Edge.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Accept a gift from OX in RE from a relation to a Faculity / Staff member who is Integrated and is sharing an address.
2. When accepting the gift, ensure to deny the address changes.
3. Process the gift.
4. Open the records.
5. Notice that one address has been updated.
6. Open those records in Education Edge.
7. Notice that the address changed for the record that submitted the gift, but the other records that share the address did not, even though the address is being shared.
8. If it did not change in Raiser's Edge, accept another gift from the same person, but this time accept the address changes completely.
9 Check in Education Edge to see if the addresses have been updated correctly.

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