1.The candidates status may not be changing because, not all checklist steps are completed or waived. A candidates status is dependent on the completion of the Checklist steps and the Milestones set for each.

All the steps in the Checklist must be completed or waived in order for the Candidates Status to change to the correct Status they are actually in. For example if you have 4 Checklist Items within an Applicant Milestone, then all 4 Checklist Items will need to be completed or waived in order for the Candidate to change into the next status of Decision.

2. If checklist steps are being completed and waived, and the candidate status is not updating as they complete milestones, it may be because the checklist may have a deleted step that the candidate completed. 

The checklist will need to be removed from the record, but, since the completed or waived step was deleted, the checklist can not be removed. Please Chat or Call into Support and inform the analyst that you are using Knowledgebase article 100088.