How do I view more entries in an account's journal or query preview?

When scrolling to the bottom of an account's journal, it may appear that it is not loading all entries since the 7.17.0 release.  There is actually a 'Load More' button at the bottom of the screen, which your browser may not be displaying. Also, some users aren't able to see the page numbers listed at the bottom of the query preview page.
If your browser is not displaying the page numbers, or Load More link, at the bottom of the query preview, you can minimize your screen in order to make it display. You can do this by following these steps:

1. On your keyboard hit Ctrl and -
2. Make sure that you are scrolled to the very bottom of the Query preview page
3. The page numbers should appear

Once you've done this, you can hit Ctrl and + to re-enlarge your screen and the page numbers will remain.



 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer

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