How to restrict access to a part or page by setting up Targeting and Security

Security can be enabled in Blackbaud Internet Solutions (BBIS) to limit access to parts or pages. Unless a user or group of users have these rights they will not see or access the desired content. Editing the targeting and security can change view, edit, delete and security rights of pages, templates, and parts.

How do I disable a webpage so others may not see it?
Targeting and Security is an option to restrict access or edit rights to pages, parts, and numerous other options. Targeting and Security also works in conjunction with Roles as well as specifying which users can view or edit that particular content.

The content in BBIS that can have Targeting and Security enabled are the following:
• All parts in BBIS
• Pages, Templates, and Layouts
• Email Templates
• Email Lists
• Style Sheets
• Images
• Files

To enable Targeting and Security:

1. In BBIS, access the edit settings of the part or page you wish to enable Targeting and Security
  • For parts: Click Site Explorer > Parts and click on the pencil icon to access the edit settings for the part
  • For pages and templates: Click the Page Properties or the Template Properties button on the page or template respectively
  • For Files/Documents: Click Site Explorer > Files and click on the pencil icon to access the edit settings for the document
2. Click the Targeting and Security tab
3. Click the Add Users and Roles link to add a role or user with specific rights
4. Filter by role or by existing users
5. Select the role or user
6. Click the Add button
7. To assign specific permissions, mark the desired check boxes in the Assign Permissions section ◦Assigning permissions will apply to all users or roles selected
  • The options that are available are View, Edit, Delete, and Change Security
8. Click the OK button
9. Click the Save button

You will now see your newly added Targeting and Security option in the list:
  • To edit, mark the checkboxes for the desired option
  • To remove entirely, click on the red X icon

Note: If the View check box for Everyone has been unmarked, this will only allow Supervisor Users to access the part or page. If a particular page or part does not display for non-supervisor users, confirm that the View check box for the Everyone role is marked.

For more information see Users and Security Overview


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