1. Check to make sure the withdrawn student has had all courses dropped. To do this:
  1. Go to Academics > Grades > Grades Management
  2. Select Enter Grades by student
  3. Enter the student's last name and select View
  4. Edit across from Grades & Credits
  5. If a course appears in this section, then it needs to be dropped. 
  6. Next, follow the steps to drop a course and leave the course record: 
    How to withdraw, drop, or transfer a student (from classes)
2. Verify in Academics > Grades > Grading setup > Grade Plans that the Grade Plan is set up to trigger Final Grades

3. Verify that the course in Academics > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Departments & Courses is using the correct Grade Plan

4. Finally, be sure that the transcript has been built to include final grades
  1. Go to Academics > Grades > Transcripts setup
  2. Select Edit across from the Transcript
  3. Select School years
  4. Choose Edit across from the school year
  5. Make sure the Final Grade is selected to show for Single Term courses
  6. Save 
5. Generate Transcripts in Academics > Grades > Transcript setup > Generate Transcripts
The final grade should now be showing on the transcript.