Query or Report of duplicate records?

The user can create a query and report of any existing duplicate records. This helps with data cleanup. 
1. From the Administration page, click Search for duplicates.
2. Select the type of duplicate record to search for from the drop-down menu. 
3. To create a query of all duplicate student records, mark the checkbox for Create output query of duplicate records
4. To preview the report, click Preview.
  • If the checkbox to Create an output query has been marked, a box will appear asking you to title the query.
  • Once the title has been entered, click Save.  
  • The query can now be opened from the Query page.
5. If no duplicate records are found, based on the criteria set in Configuration, a message appears stating that fact. If duplicates exist, the report appears.
6. In the Print Preview it is possible to print, refresh, or send the report as email by clicking the corresponding buttons on the toolbar
7. To close the preview and return to the Duplicate Report screen, click the red X.


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