NOTE: This Knowledgebase solution does not refer to AgeFinder data. For more information on this data enrichment service, please refer to What is AgeFinder and how to use this service?

The Age field displayed on the Bio1 tab of an individual field is a calculated field based on the entered Birth date value. Therefore, Age is not available as an import field. If a data set only has numeric ages, but not the exact birth date, a calculation can be done in Excel to create a birth date value to import so the Age field will show the desired value. In The Raiser's Edge, Birth date is a fuzzy date field, so a year can be imported as the birth date value to calculate the Age.

Working in Excel with the import data set:
  1. Insert two blank columns to the right of the age column.
  2. Click on the empty cell beside the first age.
  3. Enter the following formula omitting the brackets:  =[the current year]-[click on age cell]
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Copy/paste or auto-fill the formula for this column beside all the ages.
  6. Highlight the formula column.
  7. Right - click and select Copy.
  8. Highlight the second blank column.
  9. Right - click and select Paste Values or Paste Special > Values.
  10. Enter the header name of Bday for this column.
  11. Delete the first inserted column used for the formulas.
  12. Proceed with importing birth dates.


Import Age as a constituent attribute:
  1. Create a constituent attribute for Age with a Number data type.
  2. Import the Age value as a constituent attribute.