Most often the track represents the gift type by technique for renewable activity types (such as membership). Each time TA processes a transaction for an account, TA looks at the gift type on the transaction to determine whether to set the track for the account activity record to which the transaction applies. Each time TA updates the track for an account activity record, TA copies the new track to the cumulative giving record and to the applicable roll-up account activity record. TA uses the Track field as a way to group donors and easily report and segment them. Track is calculated based on transactional information on the donor file. TA sets the track for the following gift types.

·    "NW" for new
·    "RN" for renew
·    "RJ" for rejoin

TA uses the gift type combined with the technique of the transaction to set the track for the account activity record. For example, an individual responds to a mailing from your organization and becomes a new member. For the account’s Annual Giving account activity record, TA sets the track to "NM" for New by Mail. At the end of the member year, the account responds to a renewal mailing from your organization and renews its membership. TA updates the track for the annual giving activity record to "RM" for Renewal by Mail.
Custom Calculations for Track

The system preference Track Calculation Method determines the specific values that you see in the Track field. Your organization may have configured custom calculations (something other than what is described above) that are used to update this field.