Scanning a UPC number causes multiple items to show in the merchandise search in Altru

When scanning merchandise UPC codes in Altru you may notice that multiple merchandise items show in the results instead of just the merchandise item that matches that UPC code
This feature is currently functioning as expected. When searching on merchandise SKUs Altru has the ability to search on partial SKU numbers. SKUs with similar numbers will appear in the merchandise search screen when performing a search

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Make sure you have two merchandise items in Altru that have similar UPC codes. For example one code would be 12345 and the other code would be 12345678
  2. Click sales > Daily sales > click on the merchandise button
  3. Scan the UPC code of the merchandise item
Review the results and notice that multiple merchandise items appear instead of just the one merchandise item that matches the UPC code


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