How to find Membership Installment Plans that do not match the member

If a membership with an installment plan changes members, the installment plan remains on the original member. To change the installment plan to belong to the new member, use the "Change constituent on membership installment" on the Installment Plan's page. If this is not done, and you would like to use ad-hoc query to find memberships where the Installment Plan does not match the Member, use the following query.
To find Memberships with a Member that is not the same as the Installment Plan's owner, use an ad-hoc query. Create a new Ad-Hoc query with the type Membership. 
1)    Place the Membership ID in the Output.
2)    Expand the Members folder and select Members\Constituent\Name into the output
3)    Put Membership Transaction\Revenue Application\Revenue Details\Membership Installment Plan Payments\Membership Installment Plan Details\Constituent\Name into the output.
4)    Drag Members\Constituent\Name from the bottom section to the Criteria section.
5)    This will show the Apply Criteria window. Select “output field”, and then the field from Step 3, as shown.

This query will display memberships where the Membership Installment Plan is not the same as the membership's Member.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Assign a Membership with an Installment Plan to a constituent.
2) On the Constituent's page, click the Membership.
3) On the Membership page, click Edit Members.
4) Replace the original member with a new member.
5) Click the amount of the Membership's balance to view the Installment plan.
6) Note that the Installment plan still belongs to the original member. 
7) Optional: To change the installment plan to belong to the new member, click "Change constituent on membership installment" .


 Blackbaud CRM
 CRM 4.0

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