Gift Types in The Raiser's Edge

MG Pay-Cash
Recurring Gift Pay-Cash

MG Pledge

Stock/Property (Sold)
Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)
MG Pay-Stock/Property
MG Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)

MG Pay-Gift-in-Kind

MG Pay-Other

Recurring Gift

Write Off (Only added on Pledge records)
MG Write Off (Only added on MG-Pledge records)
Amendment (Only added on Recurring Gift records)

Planned Gift (Available only if the RE:PlannedGiftTracker is present.)

  • For additional information on gift types, please refer to What are gift types?
  • Soft credit is not a standalone gift type in The Raiser's Edge. Rather, they are recorded on the gift types listed above except Write-Offs. For additional information, please refer to: How to use soft credits
  • The types available to select will vary depending on the feature, task, report, or function being used. For example, only Gift-in-Kind types are available in the Gifts-in-Kind Report in Financial Report and Write-Offs may only be available in Pledge reports.
  • Gift types with "Pay-" are not available to select at entry. Applying the gift to a recurring gift (for Recurring Gift Pay-Cash), pledge (for Pay- types), or a matching gift pledge (for MG Pay- types) makes the gift a "Pay-" type upon saving it.
  • Some gift types may appear different on constituent record Gifts tabs showing information on soft credits, event payments, etc. This additional information is due to Legend settings and is based on the entered gift information.