Frequently Asked Questions When Upgrading Blackbaud NetCommunity

This solution outlines some of the most commonly asked questions regarding upgrading Blackbaud NetCommunity.
System Requirements
Please see the System Requirements Guide for a full list of requirements for Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.0.

Q: Why are we going from version 6.xx to 7.0?
The 7.0 release includes changes that have laid the foundation for future developments to NetCommunity, such as support for Transport Layer Security 1.2 protocol which enables the product to meet new PCI compliance regulations. Fully responsive payments pages built on custom templates with HTML5 and CSS3 are also supported in this release. Changes like these represent the groundwork for future updates to NetCommunity. You can check out the current vision for NetCommunity in the product roadmap. Ideas under consideration for inclusion are available for your review in the idea bank

Q: When can I upgrade?
Clients hosted by Blackbaud are upgraded in waves. The hosting contact at the organization will receive notification prior to the upgrade occurring. For organizations which host their own Blackbaud NetCommunity, the download will be available online here, and your organization will receive a notification once the installers are available online. 

Q: What new features are available in 7.0?
New features include Blackbaud Secure Payments 2.0 to support responsive designs with HTML5 and CSS3. Other new features include direct debit merge fields and the ability to create a new message from the Create menu. For a full list of new features, please see the New Features Guide.

Q: Which components need to be upgraded?
The following components will need to be upgraded:
  • Blackbaud NetCommunity Website
  • The Raiser's Edge Web Services
  • The Raiser's Edge Plugin
  • The Education Edge Plugin (if applicable)
All components should be on the same version. Component version mismatches can result in unexpected behavior and will require an upgrade to the latest version.

Q: Will I need to upgrade RE if upgrading BBNC?
Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.0 was fully tested with The Raiser's Edge 7.95, and limited testing was conducted on The Raiser's Edge 7.93. Any issues encountered while using a previous version of The Raiser's Edge will require an upgrade to the latest version. 

Q: Do I need to be on version 6.64 to upgrade to 7.0?
You do not need to be on 6.64 to upgrade to 7.0. You can upgrade to the latest version from any previous version from 6.35 or higher. Note that depending on your SQL/database system resources, an incremental upgrade between versions may be necessary before completing the upgrade to 7.0. If on version 6.41 or below, first upgrade to 6.51 before proceeding to upgrade to 7.0.

Q: Will upgrading BBNC update my Blackbaud DirectMarketing Database?
Yes, upgrading BBNC will also upgrade your BBDM database.  Please review the BBDM new features.


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