To set Non-Teaching Staff access to Schedule Sets:
  1. Navigate to onRecord.
  2. Select Settings > Schedule Sets.
  3. Filter for your Schedule Set using the Year, Group and Level drop down menus.
  4. To the right of your Schedule Set, click the yellow pencil/Edit icon.
  5. On the General tab, scroll down to Access Dates.
  6. Locate Non-Teaching Staff, and set an Access Date.
  7. Click Save & Close.
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Non-Teaching Staff can now use the Student Directory to locate Students and their Schedules.

For example, Non-Teaching Staff could:
  1. Navigate to Directories.
  2. Select Student Directory.
  3. Enter in a student's name and click Search.
  4. To the far right of the Student, click the Contact Card icon/Options, and select Contact Card.
  5. Click the Schedule tab.
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