Error: No records meet specified Criteria when sending eReceipts to Organization Contacts

When sending eReceipts to organization contacts, users may receive the Error: No records meet specified Criteria.
This message can occur when the email address exists only on the constituent record and not the relationship of the organization record. When users select the option to mail to organization contacts, the eReceipt functionality looks to the relationship record for a valid email address. When the contact of an organization has a full constituent record, users must include a valid email address directly on the relationship record for a successful mail merge.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Mail, select Receipts
2. On the General Tab, select Create custom data file as the Receipt Type
3. On the eReceipts Tab, select Send as eReceipts
4. Enter an Email Address in the From: field in the Write email message button
5. Enter a Subject in the Subject line
6. Select an Email Type to use
7. Select the Org. Address tab and choose to Mail to contacts
8. Send to Word Merge Wizard
9. Receive Error


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