My daily sales page buttons appear in a different order

You may see that after the 4.8 release, that buttons for scheduled programs on your daily sales page disappear rather than gray out when there are no longer any events available for that day. You may notice this when you have the time options configured for "one button for the next available time."
The buttons in Daily Sales should not go gray unless the event has sold out. In order to ensure that your Daily Sales Page Configuration does not change, you may wish to edit your button settings to allow buttons to show for other dates.
  1. Go to tickets > Configure Daily Sales Page
  2. Select the arrows to the left of the affected button
  3. Uncheck the box show today's events only
  4. Save the button

Steps to Duplicate

​In the morning:
  1. Go to Sales > Daily Sales
  2. See the Daily Sales page appears as normal
In the afternoon after a scheduled program no longer has events that day
  1. Go to Sales > Daily Sales
  2. See the buttons on the Daily Sales Page a skewed slightly because the affected program's button has disappeared. 


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