Step 1: Find out where the venue is being used:

Created New advanced list with the following configuration:


Athletic Group 
--- Athletic Sport level
--- Athletic Meet
------ Athletic Location
------ Athletic game Schedule


Athletic Location.Location - contains - [Name of Venue]

Display Fields:

Athletic Location.Location
Athletic Game Schedule.Game Date
Athletic Game Schedule.Game Time
Athletic Game Schedule.Title
Athletic Sport Level.School Level
Athletic Sport Level.Sport Level Title

Note: Make sure you are double checking for other Venue's with similar names, especially when using this to remove duplicate Venues


Step 2: Remove the location from all events it is associate with:

  1. onCampus > procedure > Athletics > Teams

  2. Filter for the Year, School Level and Season

  3. Click on Team name

  4. Go to the Schedule tab

  5. Under Date View, select All

  6. Click the Pencil next to the event to edit

  7. Change or remove the Location on the event

  8. Click Save

  9. Repeat the above for all events found in Step 1

Step 3: Remove the location from the Venues in core:

  1. Navigate to Core > School > Athletic Venues

  2. Find the Venue in the list

  3. Click the Red X next to the venue to be removed

  4. Click Confirm