Error: Field does not correspond to a valid school when Importing Teacher's Education Information

When importing education information for a faculty record such as their alma mater, we may receive an exception stating that the record is not a valid school. The field in question is labeled school in the import file. 

We can verify this record exists in our database by its organization record. We can confirm that the spelling and formatting is correct as well. 
What needs to be entered in the import file is the record ID for the school. So instead of listing  College for example, use ORG1111. 

Attached is a sample spreadsheet of what the information would look like in its correct format. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. When setting up our import file via Administration > Import Records, create an import file with School as one of the fields, along with the other required fields. 
2. Under the School field, include the name for the organization in question.
3. Validate data 
4. Receive exception stating Not a valid school

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