.VPAYMENT - Identify Vendors to Default Produce Separate Checks for Each Obligation

For any vendors that you want to default all obligations to produce on separate checks, simply add  .VPAYMENT with a value of Separate to the Vendor Data Items tab.  You do not need to add .VPAYMENT to vendors for whom combined (normal one check with multiple obligations per check run) checks are produced.

 Any existing obligations for the Vendor prior to the adding of .VPAYMENT will default to the normal combined behavior.

1.  Select Accounts Payable > Maintenance > Vendor 
2.  Highlight the vendor and click Edit
3.  Select the Data Items tab and click New
4.  At Data Item, select .VPAYMENT from the drop-down menu
5.  At Value, select Separate from the drop-down menu
6.  Click OK to apply .VPAYMENT to the Vendor Data Items tab and click OK.

 The value of .VPAYMENT can be overridden on any obligations for the vendor.  On the obligation Header tab, the Payment Separate check for this obligation can be un-checked.  This will combine the obligation with any other un-checked obligations in a check run together on the same check.

Editing Existing Obligations for .VPAYMENT Vendors

Any existing obligations for a vendor for whom .VPAYMENT has been added will remain at the default Payment Separate check for this obligation un-checked.  To edit an existing obligation, highlight the obligation and click Edit.  On the obligation Header tab, check the Payment Separate field for this obligation. 

Using Separate Check at Obligation Entry

On the obligation Header tab is the Payment Separate check for this obligation field.  If you check it, a separate check will be produced for this obligation when it is paid.  If it is not checked, this obligation will be combined with any other un-checked obligation for this vendor in the check run.

Memorized Obligations

Memorized Obligations contain the Payment Separate check for this obligation field also.  It can be checked or un-checked as necessary.

Separate Check Option for Users Upgrading from Prior Versions of FundWare

To activate .VPAYMENT when you convert from a previous version:

1.  All users must be logged out of the FundWare Accounts Payable module.  Also ensure you have a backup of your data.  You can create an internal backup in Division Maintenance.
2.  Select Accounts Payable > Setup > Basic Setup.
3.  Select C to C)hange
4.  Press Enter and E to E)nd to allow the defaults to reload.