1. Can we run schedule maker and then import rosters at a later time?  Yes, as long as you don't plan to run Schedule Maker again after the rosters are imported, and all the students scheduled by Schedule Maker are removed from the sections before you do the roster import. If you run Schedule Maker after you import the rosters, it will undo everything you previously input.
  2. What is the best way to see potential conflicts per grade level? To see the potential conflicts of the one grade level, you can use the Conflict Matrix located in the floating navigational toolbar on the Schedule Maker landing page. The Conflict Matrix will display the singletons and doubletons that can be managed manually; the Schedule Manager enters the blocks, rooms, and teachers in an effort to limit a potential conflict. After generating the schedule, there are other views, such as the Student Enrollment page, accessed from the Schedule Maker floating toolbar. When you click on the edit pencil to the left of the student's name, then click Edit, you are taken to that student's enrollment page for the school year being scheduled. You can see potential conflicts for the student there, as well as be able to manually manage their enrollments. 
  3. If we have multiple teachers using the same rooms for several different grade levels, can we run Schedule Maker for one grade level and then block out the times and rooms for specific teachers for another grade level so they don't conflict, and then run Schedule Maker again?   No, Schedule Maker looks only at blocks, and blocks are set up by school level, which has its own schedule set and meeting times. Because Schedule Maker runs independent of level, the only problem will be for any teachers that teach in both school levels (conflict would not visible in the conflict matrix), and/or rooms that are used for both school levels. There is a potential for conflict there, so running the different Enrollment reports for each level and comparing them should be helpful.
  4. If we do data imports for rosters, would we have to delete the course requests before importing the rosters? No, as long as you are not going to be running Schedule Maker afterward.