Spouses appear in Duplicate Constituent Management Tool results

When running the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool, constituent spouse records with same last name and address may appear in the results, even though the first names are not the same. However, when performing a duplicate constituent search from the constituent record, no results appear.
The Duplicate Constituent Management Tool and the Duplicate Search from constituent records process using slightly different criteria. The DCMT also evaluates non-constituent spouses, which can cause extra records to show up there. The Duplicate Search from the constituent record only considers the constituent records themselves. 

For more information, see How does the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool process?

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a constituent record for Cara Martinez, including an address and email.
2. Click the spouse button and add a non-constituent spouse, Thomas Martinez. Save and close.
3. Create a new constituent record for Thomas Martinez with the same address as Cara. Do not include an email. Leave spouse blank.
4. Go to Admin > Duplicate Constituent Management Tool
5. Select to create a New Individual Search
6. Cara Martinez appears in the search results, as a possible duplicate of Thomas Martinez
7. Open Cara Martinez's record
8. Select Constituent > Duplicate Search
9. No results found


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