To create a hyperlink in a Text block in a Resource Board Post:
  1. Navigate to Core > Content > Resource Boards.
  2. From the View Board drop-down, select the Resource Board you'll be working on.
  3. Click +Add Post to create a new post, or select the post you want to Edit and add the hyperlink to.
  4. If there is not already a Text block on your Resource Board, drag and drop this on to the post.
  5. Click the Settings gear in the Text block.
  6. Enter your text.
  7. Highlight the portion of text you want to hyperlink, and click the Link icon.
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  8. In the Insert/Edit Link window, enter:
    1. Link URL: The URL you want your hyperlink to go to.
    2. Target: Select if you want this Link/URL to open in a New Window, or the Existing Window.
    3. Title: This will appear when hovering over the hyperlink
    4. Click Insert.
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  9. Click Save in the Text Settings window, and your Hyperlink will appear in the text.
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