To find the call action page, follow the steps below:
  1. Select Advocacy > Call Alerts
  2. Search for your Call Alert and click Edit
  3. Make note of the id from the URL
    • For example the id would be 2950 in https://secure[2/3][shortname]/admin/AdvocacyAdmin?id=2950&page=ActionAlertInfo&cmd=display)
  4. Select Advocacy > Action Alerts
  5. Click Edit for any Action Alert
  6. Click Publish Alert
  7. Copy the address listed under Main URL
    • For example,
  8. For the URL, remove everything after Advocacy? and replace it with the following: alertId=xxxx&pg=makeACall
    • Where xxxx is the ID of the action alert noted in step 3
  9. The finished URL should look something like this: