Matching Gift Claim shows in Apply to commitments window but does not show in the Application drop-down when working in an Enhance Revenue Batch.

Within CRM, it is possible to create matching gift claims for organizations to match based on transactions given by other constituents.  When working in an Enhanced Revenue Batch, a user may notice that the matching gift claim shows up in the Apply to commitments window for the organization however it does not show in the Application drop-down of the batch itself.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log-in to 4.0.  
2.  Go to Constituents and Add an Individual.  
3.  Go to Revenue, Batch Entry, and open an Enhanced Revenue Batch. 
4.  Open another tab and open CRM. 
5.  Go to your Individual record from step 2 and add a gift for any value. (Designation: Backpack)  Save.
6.  On the Matching Gifts tab, Add a matching gift for your Organization from step 2 equal to the amount of the gift. 
7.  Go to your open Batch from step 3. Enteryour Organization constituent from step 6.  Notice the drop-down for Application doesn't show the matching gift claim.   However, you can see the matching gift claim in the apply to commitments window.  


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