When merging individual records when one has an Organization relationship, the Organization address is overwritten, and a blank address is added to the individual record

When merging two individual constituent records where the source record is deleted and the other record has an organization relationship with a specific address sharing setup, the organization's address is overwritten with a blank address, and a blank address is also added to the remaining individual record.
This is planned to be resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96, which will be released and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in fall 2016. For further updates on this release, please refer to our Release page.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a individual constituent record that has a Preferred Home address that is not linked to anything (the Linked? column says "No").
2. Create a duplicate individual constituent record that has a relationship with an organization constituent record. Also add a Preferred Home address for this record.  Add an Alternate Business Address as well.
3. On the relationship record, mark the boxes for Employee, Contact, and Primary business information.
4. On the organization's constituent record, add a Preferred Business Address.  
6. Share the addresses so that the organization's Preferred Home Address is shared with the individual's Preferred Home Address and the Alternate Business Address.  
7. Open the individual constituent record that has the organization relationship, and mark the Alternate Business Address the Preferred Address.
8. Ensure that the organization's Preferred Address is still shared with both the Home and Business Addresses of the individual.
9. Open the individual constituent record that does not have the organization relationship.
10. Click the Constituent menu, and go to Merge, Merge a constituent into [constituent name].
11. Use the right-facing double arrow to move all criteria to the right-hand window. 
12. Mark the Delete source constituent box.
13. Click Merge Now.


 Raiser's Edge
 7.93.5782.5, 7.94.6116.0, 7.95.6283.0

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