To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Select List Templates
  3. Select Admissions from the Template Category drop down
  4. View/Copy one of the available List Templates that will work for your purposes
  5. Give it a name and set a category for it
  6. Under 'Click on objects to include in query' expand the Admission heading
  7. Click on the Admission Defined Fields object
  8. Click on Display Fields
  9. Click on Select Fields
  10. Expand User Base
  11. Expand Candidate
  12. Expand Admission Defined Fields
  13. Mark the box for the appropriate Admission Defined Field
  14. Click Select
  15. Save List
Note: If you are unsure of the correct Admission Defined Field, you will want to mark the box for all of them to see which field lines up with each Display Field.