Using Wordmerge option from ackowledgement process causes text boxes to be moved around page incorrectly

When running the acknowledgement process and then using the wordmerge feature, you may notice that text boxes that are created with merge fields are moved to a incorrect spot on the page, for example some text boxes from page two (second constituent in selection) may be moved into page one (first constituent in selection)
This seems to be a issue within Microsoft Word.

On the affected word document, go to:
1.  Page Layout
2.  Page Setup (in word 2013 small arrow in the bottom right corner of the page setup field)
3.  Layout
4.  Change the section start to "new page"
5.  Change the Preview option to Apply to "Whole Document"
6.  Click OK.

You will have to update the template itself and re-upload to the environment, the steps above will ensure that the formatting will look correct from this point onward and you can test with the effected document. 


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