Relationship Attributes query search field shows all accounts with relationship type when setting Criteria Match to At Least One Criteria even when From or To are selected

Querying on Relationship Attributes by selecting the specific Relationship Type you would like to see, while also selecting the side of the relationship when the Criteria Match is set to At Least One Criteria, will show results of any account with that Relationship Type as well as any account that has that side of a relationship. 

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Queries
  2. Select a category that you want to store this query in
  3. Select New Query under the tasks menu
  4. Name the query 
  5. Set the Starting criteria to Base/All Constituents
  6. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts
  7. Under Criteria Matching select Match At Least One Criteria
  8. Select Account from the Available Fields drop down menu and click on Relationship Attributes
  9. Select a Relationship type
  10. Mark either From only or to only
  11. Click Save and Preview


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer

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