Prospect Plan Plan Participants drop down missing constituents upon edit

When editing plan participants the drop down missing constituents, this does not occur when adding plan participants, only when editing existing.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Go to any constituent who has a Major Giving Prospect constituency
2.   Ensure the constituent has some sort of relationship (spouse, business, etc.) and has more than one so that the issue can be seen
3.   Go to the Prospect Tab then Plans on the constituent record
4.   Open an existing prospect plan or create one
5.   Click into the prospect plan and click on the Solicitors and Participants tab
6.   Add a plan participant, note that while doing so you will see in the drop down all of the constituents that have a relationship with the 
      prospect that are able to be chosen as a plan participant and click Save
7.   Now go back into the plan participant that created and click Edit note that only 1 constituent shows in the constituent drop down.



 Blackbaud CRM

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