Strange images in KB search result filters

I see odd images beside the Content Filter and Product Filters in my Knowledgebase (KB) search results.  What are they?  They look like icons but they're not clear images.  How can I use filters with these odd images?  I don't see an option to save my KB filters. I see strange images on the Knowledgebase search page in place of the "Collapse" and "Settings" images in filters on the left.
  1. Open Knowledgebase in your browser,
  2. Press CTRL and R on your keyboard simultaneously to refresh your Knowledgebase cache.

Here's a screenshot of the odd images:

Strange images

Here's a screenshot of how the KB filter buttons should look:

KB filter buttons

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Search for something in Knowledgebase on
  2. Look at the filters on the left

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