Step 1: Automate your Duplicate Search Process: 
  1. Go to Constituents > Duplicates
  2. On the left side under Duplicate Constituent Search Processes, click on the name of the search process that you would like to run automatically. You can choose from a Full Duplicate Search or an Incremental Duplicate Search. We recommend the Incremental Duplicate Search to catch any new or changed records since the last search process. 
  3. Go to the Job Schedules Tab
  4. Add a  Daily Job Schedule so the Incremental Search Process runs nightly (for example: 4am)
Step 2: Automate a 100% Merge Process:
  1. Go to Constituents > Duplicates > Constituent Merge 
  2. Click to Add to add a new Merge Process 
  3. Select the search process you used in Step 1 as your Duplicate Record Source. 
  4. Under Minimum Match %, choose 100%. Important Note: It is not recommended to automatically merge any processes less than 100%. A match less than a 100% match may not be a true duplicate and will require review. In addition, a merge process cannot be undone. 
  5. Adjust other settings according to your organization policy. 
  6. On the process, go to the Job Schedules Tab
  7. Add a Daily Job Schedule so the merge process runs after your Search Process (for example: 4:30am)
For more information on the Duplicate Merge Process, see our related solution here: How to merge more than one duplicate constituent record at a time