In order to find where a Room is being used, you will need to build an advanced List. The steps below are for an Academic Room. For Athletic, Activity, Dorm, Community Group, or Advisory rooms, follow the same steps except replace references to Academic or Courses with the corresponding group type.

Select Objects:

  • Academic Group
    • Course group
      • Course Base
      • Course Term
      • Academic Room

Display Fields

  • Academic Room.Building Name    
  • Academic Room.Room Number    
  • Academic Room.Room Name    
  • Course Group.Group Identifier    
  • Course Base.Course Title    
  • Course Base.School Level    
  • Course Term.School Year
  • Course Term.School Level
  • Course Term.Term Description


Add these Global Filters:
  • Where - Academic Room.Building Name - is - Name of building your room is in
  • And - Academic Room.Room Number - is - Number of room you are trying to find

This list will allow you to see where your rooms are being used. You can then find the groups and sections they are tied to in onCampus > Procedure > Academics/Athletics/Advisory/Dorm/Community and remove them from the assocaited group.

Once all associated groups are removed, you should then be able to delete the room from the building.