When using Secure EFT Processing, TA sends EFT information (the values entered in the Bank Account and Bank ID fields) to the Sage vault and obtains an alias for this information which is stored in TA. Only the last 4 digits of donor bank account numbers are visible in Team Approach (similar to how credit card numbers are handled in secure Charge Processing),and EFTs are processed in real time when EFT Processing is run. 

​Note: Secure EFT Processing does not process refund transactions at this time.

If an EFT payment is successful (i.e., is not rejected by Sage), TA creates a pledge payment record in Batch Detail.  If an EFT payment generates a rejection by Sage, TA creates a record correction adjustment to the EFT pledge in Batch Detail, with Sage’s error code and message recorded in the Comments field just as it does in Charge Processing.

Errors are handled similarly to how they are handled in Charge Processing: If an EFT transaction is not successfully submitted to Sage, the EFT process ends in error. Transactions that are submitted successfully are entered into Batch Detail, either as pledge payment records for successful payments or as record corrections to pledges for rejected pledge payments.

Two new reports, the EFT Processing Summary and the EFT Processing Detail reports, are available when secure EFT Processing is activated. These reports run in addition to the EFT Summary Report and EFT Detail Report.  These reports run whenever EFT Processing is run.  EFT Processing can also be run in report-only mode, which runs the EFT Processing Summary and EFT Processing Detail reports. (The EFT Summary and the EFT Detail reports do not run because they are batch reports and no batches are created in report-only mode).