Individual records:
The Paciolan ID is stored in the Alias table of the Constituent record, coded as type Patron ID
  • This is seen in the Bio1 screen (View > Custom View > Pac View)
  • Initially all valid patron records that exist in Paciolan will exist in Raiser’s Edge except House Customers
  • The Alias field can be manually edited by the user
Note: The Raiser's Edge constituent ID is not stored in Paciolan

Organization records:
Organization records in Paciolan will synchronize to organization records in The Raiser’s Edge. If a record is marked as an organization in Paciolan, Raiser’s Edge looks for an existing org record (same as an individual) and, if it matches, will put the Patron ID alias on that record. If it does not match, Raiser’s Edge will create a new org record and put the alias on it. This follows the same process as individuals.
If a new patron is created in Paciolan and identified as an organization by adding an Organization type, the corresponding constituent will be created in the Raiser’s Edge and marked as an Organization. 
If a new constituent is created in the Raiser’s Edge and marked as an organization, the corresponding patron will be created in Paciolan and marked with the default Organization type identified in the channel settings during implementation.  (Clients do not have access to change the default Organization type – contact Customer Support.)