The Raiser’s EdgePaciolan
Patron ID type in Alias tablePatron ID
First NameFirst Name1
Last NameLast Name1
Suffix 1Suffix1
Title 1Title1
Is InactiveStatus
Spouse TitleTitle2
Spouse First NameFirstName2
Spouse Last NameLastName2
Spouse SuffixSuffix2
Nick NameNickName1
BirthdateBirth Date (Format: yyyy-MM-dd)
Deceased: Y/NPatron Status = D*
Religion (dictionary)Religion Code(s)
Ethnicity (dictionary)Ethnicity Code(s)
Marital Status (dictionary)Marital Status code
(often ignored)VIP Code(s)
(often ignored)Announcement
Address (see below for details)Address type + address
Phone types + numbers (dictionary, 5 max)Phone Types + Phone numbers
Email types + address (dictionary, 5 max)Email Types + Email Addresses
NOTE: The deceased field in the Raiser’s Edge is mapped to the Paciolan Patron Status field.  If the Patron Status = D-Deceased, the Deceased field will be checked in the Raiser’s Edge.  If the Patron Status = A-Active or I-Inactive, the Deceased field will be un-checked in the Raiser’s Edge. 

Address Mapping:
Address lines mapping between the two systems may be customized through the IOM tool for each client.  The following is a sample of the common address line mapping.  For example, if client uses Address line 1 in Paciolan for “care of” this can be mapped to the correct care of line in the Raiser’s Edge.
The Raiser’s EdgePaciolan
(often ignored)Mail Name (as associated with the address)
Address Line 1 (of the address block)Address Line 1 (tRes address line)
Address Line 2 (of the address block)Address Line 2 (tRes address line)
Address Line 3 (of the address block)Address Line 3 (tRes address line)
(often ignored)Address Line 4 (tRes address line)
ZipZip Code