You will work to determine the mapping of the specific donation information from Paciolan to The Raiser’s Edge by mapping Paciolan season and item codes to an associated fund code in The Raiser’s Edge.
Paciolan Field NamePaciolan field nameThe Raiser’s Edge field name
Season CodeItem CodeFund ID
Only cash donations entered in Paciolan are included in the synchronization from Paciolan to The Raiser’s Edge. A gift record is created in The Raiser’s Edge for each Paciolan cash donation. Pledges, recurring gifts, and other non-cash donations must be entered directly into The Raiser’s Edge.
New cash donations entered in Paciolan are synchronized to The Raiser’s Edge; however existing gifts in The Raiser’s Edge are not synchronized back to Paciolan. To make any changes or adjustments to the donations entered in Paciolan, you must wait for them to synchronize with The Raiser’s Edge and adjust from there in both databases.

Gifts entered into Paciolan
  • Donations sold via PAC7 / eVenue / tRes and meeting specified criteria will be backed out of Paciolan and sent to Raiser’s Edge automatically on a nightly basis
  • Donation payments will settle to the ticketing merchant ID, not the fundraising merchant ID
  • Order lines containing an item to be transferred must:
    • Be paid in full
    • Have a price not equal $0.00
    • Contain no bill plans
    • Include no item charge or surcharge.  If item charge is used, it must have a zero dollar value.
    • Not be associated with an event
  • A default paymode of RE.TRF will be used
Raiser's Edge
Once a donation item is processed in Paciolan, the donation information is sent to The Raiser’s Edge. The following table lists Paciolan donation fields that are mapped to The Raiser’s Edge fields on a gift record by the integration.
Paciolan field nameThe Raiser’s Edge field nameDescription
Patron IDConstituent IDConstituent giving the donation
Paymode TypeGift typeAlways a cash gift
AmountGift AmountGift amount
Item CodeFundNone
SeasonCdGift AttributePerformance Season
ItemNameGift AttributeItem Name
DateGift DateNone
The table lists defaults that will be created in the uncommitted batch for gift entry into The Raiser’s Edge.
The Raiser’s Edge field nameDefault Value
Acknowledgement StatusNot Acknowledged
Post StatusDo Not Post