The date modified does not change when exporting and overwriting an existing PDF file from Blackbaud Hosting Services

You may encounter an issue when the date modified property of a PDF file does not get updated after overwriting the file with another exported PDF file.  This occurs when exporting PDF files from The Raiser's Edge in Blackbaud Hosting Services. 
Take one of the following steps to update the Date Modified field when exporting a file:
  • Rename the previously saved PDF file so the newly saved PDF file does not overwrite any existing files.  
  • OR save the new PDF file with a different name so it does not overwrite any existing PDF files.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services and log into The Raiser's Edge
  2. Export a report as a PDF file to your desktop or the Files Folder.
  3. Examine the file properties and note the date and time in the date modified field.
  4. Export another report as a PDF, and overwrite the existing PDF which was exported in step 2.
  5. Do not choose to open the file
  6. Examine the file properties of the PDF and note that the date modified date and time did not change, even though the file was overwritten with a new file.

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