When records are merged in Raiser's Edge:
When records are merged in The Raiser’s Edge, both of the Paciolan Patron IDs remain in the merged constituent record in The Raiser’s Edge and a merge notification is sent to Paciolan.  To view merged records in Paciolan the user will click on the “Data Exchange Notifications” link to process the messages.
The user has two options:
  • Ignore = keep both patron records in Paciolan.
  • Merge = merge Patron #2 into Patron #1 (Master).  The process uses the same functionality that exists in PD.Merge within tPatron in the Paciolan back office.    
If one of the two patrons identified in the merge from Raiser's Edge does not exist in Paciolan the user may see the following error message: Error: The following Patron ID do not exist in Paciolan system : 1234

When records are merged in Paciolan:
When two Paciolan patron records are merged, both the primary and secondary patron ID is sent to Raiser’s Edge. The Paciolan Patron ID of the duplicate/non-primary record of the merge process will NOT be removed from the Alias table of the Raiser’s Edge record. The user has 4 options regarding how to handle the Raiser’s Edge records associated with the now-merged patron IDs:
1. Automatically merge constituents, retain source
2. Automatically merge constituents, delete source
3. Ask for each merge
4. Create log file, remove from queue

Note: All of the merge options write to the log file, not just option 4.