1. Ensure the gift types are valid. Only cash donations entered in Paciolan are included in the integration from Paciolan to Raiser's Edge. Recurring gifts, pledges and other non-cash donations are not included.
2. Ensure the mapping for donation transactions is complete. Paciolan Season Codes and Item Codes map to Raiser's Edge Fund IDs.
3. New cash donations entered into Paciolan will sync on a nightly basis. Existing gifts in Raiser's Edge will not sync back to Paciolan. To make any changes or adjustments to the donations entered in Paciolan, you must wait for them to synchronize with The Raiser’s Edge and adjust from there in both databases.
4. Donations from Paciolan must meet specific criteria in order to sync to Raiser's Edge:

o     Be paid in full

o     Have a price not equal $0.00

o     Contain no bill plans

o     Include no item charge or surcharge or have a zero dollar item charge.

o     Not be associated with an event


5. Check your hosted files folder for an exception reports. Import exceptions should appear in the hosted files folder with a text file and CSV Excel file for troubleshooting. Once the exceptions are addressed the CSV file can be uploaded for import.