You may have received this error for a number of reasons, but more than likely the Application's WAF (Web Application Firewall) called The K-12 Shield, had inadvertently blocked the action you were trying to perform.

In the past, many businesses began experiencing denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in an attempt to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt services of a host connected to the internet. In order to combat these types of attacks, Blackbaud K-12 deployed The Shield which takes a look at a set of core rules as well as custom rules that we’ve added. Functions that do not meet the rules will be blocked. An end user may experience the blocking in the app with an error message stating "Error Saving Data" or "Your Request has been blocked by our application firewall."

What should you do? Please note the exact steps you took to produce this error and mention the details when you open a case with our support department. If the action was blocked incorrectly, our team can add a rule to the WAF so this does not occur again.