You may receive this error if you’ve navigated to a URL ending in .php and the action hasn’t been whitelisted with the Application's WAF (Web Application Firewall) called The Shield.

In the past many businesses began experiencing denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in an attempt to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt services of a host connected to the internet. In order to combat these types of attacks Blackbaud K-12 deployed The Shield which takes a look at a set of core rules as well as custom rules that we’ve added. Functions that do not meet the rules will be blocked. An end user may experience the blocking in the app with a full page error like this:

User-added image

If you receive this type of error, please check to make sure you haven’t incorrectly entered the wrong URL. If it’s correct, please follow the instructions on the screen by gathering the time it happened as well as the steps that were used prior to the error appearing. Once you have this information, open up a ticket with support and supply the details involved.