The language and formats for the Web View are browser-specific and can be changed to one's preference.  Please follow the steps below:

1.  Change settings in Chrome
     a.) Go to menu button 
     b.) From the drop-down, select Settings
     c.) Choose Advanced Settings
     d.) Select Language and Input Settings
     e.) Select Add button and add a new language 
     f.) Choose the language you wish to use, select Display Google Chrome in this language
     g.) Click Done

2.  Change settings in Internet Explorer 11
     a.) Go to Tools 
     b.) Choose Internet options
     c.) Select Languages
     d.) Select Add and choose language you wish to use
     e.) Choose the language and move to the top
     f.) Click OK

3.  Change settings in Firefox
a.) Choose open menu button (top right)
     b.) Select options
     c.) Choose Content 
     e.) Under Languages, choose the language you wish to use and move to the top
     f.) Click OK

4.  Change settings in Safari 
   a.) Choose Apple icon on a Mac (top left)
    b.) Choose System Preferences
    c.) Select Language and Test from under Personal section
    d.) Select the Language tab and edit list
    e.) Use the Order for Sorted List to move the preferred language to the top
    f.) Restart your system for changes to take affect