Inactive table entries appear in filter list in RE:NXT

Raiser's Edge NXT Lists allow us to filter out specific constituents to get a group that we are looking for.  There may be times when a user notices that specific filters available also include inactive entries.
A table entry may be inactive but there may be records that are using an inactive entry.  The inactive entries appear on the list filters so users can use list filters to find these records. 

In a later release, we will be including an option to exclude inactive entries.

NOTE: The Fundraiser filter for Analyze>Opportunities does NOT include Solicitor records that are marked Inactive
1. In RE Database view, navigate to a Constituent record that is marked as a Solicitor
2. Click the Details button next to the Is a Solicitor checkbox
3. In the Solicitor Details window, check the box in the upper right corner "This solicitor is inactive"
4. Click OK


Steps to Duplicate

1. In The Raiser's Edge database view, select Config > Tables > Prospect Status
2. Mark the option to Display active entries only
3. Note which entries are inactive in the table
4. In the web view go to Fundraising > Work > Portfolio, click Filters
5. Select Prospect Status
6. The codes in the list include the table entries marked inactive

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