Error: Deleted ID: The value in the 'XXXXX' column does not exist in the database for the selected record type and alternate lookup ID type when Importing Selections

When importing selections, this error may appear for existing parameters. 

This only occurs when switching an import process from Primary Lookup ID to Alternate Lookup ID, and back again.  To avoid this error, determine whether you are importing the Primary or Alternate lookup ID prior to beginning the import, and import it with the ID type that matches what exists in your file.  

If you want to re-use an import process in the future, do not switch back and forth between different lookup ID types.  Instead, create a distinct import processes specific for each ID type to be re-used.  (i.e., create a re-usable "Lookup ID" process and a re-usable "Alternate Lookup ID" import process.  do not create one process that switches back and forth)


Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a CSV file with a few lookup ids.
2. Go to analysis > import selections
3. Iimport your selection of lookup ids
4. Start the process
5. Choose a file and select an ID column in your CSV that contains alternate lookup ids
6. Select the ID Type of "alternate lookup id"
7. Run process
8. Repeat steps 4-7, replacing "alternate lookup ID" with "lookup ID"
9. Repeat steps 4-7 (effectively restoring the original "alternate lookup ID" values replaced in step 8) 
10.Receive error 


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