​Due to new compliance updates, you cannot add a secondary disbursement (bank) account or edit the currency on Blackbaud Merchant Services Accounts. You will need to signup for an additional Merchant Services account with the correct currency.
  1. Navigate to the BBMS Signup Page
  2. Go through the signup process again but ensure you select the currency of GBP and not the default of EUR.
  3. You will now have an additional merchant account which you should now use. If you use Online Express, make sure you select the new merchant account when you edit the form. If you use eTapestry, make sure you add the new BBMS account with the new username & password combination.
  4. You will need to email BBMSAccountValidation@blackbaud.com to make them aware of the change as the account will be sitting as Suspended. Further validation details may be requested.
See more on How to set up additional BBMS accounts.