Email address is automatically opted out of emails even though recipient subscribed again

After initially opting-out of an email, the client subscribed again.  When the next email is sent, the user will receive it but their email address will be added back to the opt-out list. Users will not receive the 3rd email that is sent unless they opt-in again.
We are currently evaluating this issue. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log into Raiser's Edge as any user with access to Online Express
2.  Click Online Express
3.  Click the Email Marketing tab
4.  Click Unusable emails
5.  Select the Type: Opt-out
6.  See that the email address is opted-out
7.  Subscribe again to receive the emails
8.  Send a new email from Online Express to the same list
9.  When checking opt-outs the email address is there again without the user opting-out again

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