1. Go to Core > Lists >View All
  2. Build a list off of an existing template or create a new Advanced list
  3. In the Select Objects tab choose from Constituent Information: User Base > User Detail > User School Defined Fields > User Fields > User Role > User Register > School Year > Grade Level > Parent/Child Relationship > User Base [1] > User Address > User Personal Bio > User Phone > Parent/Child Relationship [1] > User Base [2]
  4. In the Display Fields tab Select Fields for User Base.User ID, User Base.First Name, User Base.Last Name, User Base.Grad Year, User Base.E-Mail, User Base.Host ID, User Base.Nickname, User Detail.Gender, User Detail.Dob, User School Defined Fields.School Defined1, Grade Level.Grade Level Description, User Base [1].First Name, User Base [1].Last Name, User Address.Address Line 1, User Address.Address Line 2, User Address.Address Line 3, User Address.City, User Address.State Short, User Address.Postal Code/Zip, User Address.Country, User Address.Province/Country, User Phone.Phone Number, User Base [2].First Name, User Base [2].Last Name
  5. In the Filters tab: add Global Filters for School Year.Current Year is True, User Detail.Boarding or Day starts with B, User Role.Role any of Student. 
  6. In Filters: add Object Filters for User Phone.Phone Type any of Home, user Address. Address Type any of Home, Parent/Child Relationship.Rel Ordinal equal to 1, Parent/Child Relationship [1]. Rel Ordinal equal to 2​
  7. Name the list and Save & Exit