Option 1: Run the Giving Detail Report. The Giving Detail Report will show you a list of gifts received between a date range you specify. You can also filter this report on a specific designation. The Report will show you the donor's name, the gift date, the designation, and the amount of the payment or the pledge balance. 

To run this report: 
  1. Navigate to Revenue 
  2. Under Reports, click Giving Detail
  3. In the Designation filter, search for your designation here. 
  4. Enter a date range if applicable. 
  5. Click View Report. 

Option 2: Build a Revenue Query. If you need additional information about the gifts, you can also create an ad-hoc query. 

Start your query: 
  1. Navigate to Analysis, click on Information Library 
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the Source View of Revenue and click OK
Add fields to Include Records Where: 
  1. In order to filter on gifts made to a specific designation, expand Application Details in the left column. In the middle column, drag Designation System Record ID to Include Records Where. Set the operator to be Equal to or One of. Search for your designation or designations in this screen and click OK. 
  2. If you'd like to filter by Date, in the left column, highlight Revenue at the top of the column. In the middle column, drag Date into Include Records Where. Set this field to be between or equal to your date range. 
  3. If you'd like to only show certain types of revenue (for example, pledges, not pledge payments, etc.), see our related solution What query filters should I use to find contributed revenue? for suggestions. 
Add fields to Results Fields to Display: 
  1. To see the amount of the donation to the specific designation, we recommend using the Application Amount field. This will show you only what was donated to the designation you're filtering on. This is helpful if you have split gifts in your database. To add this field, in the left column, highlight Application Details. Form the middle column, drag Amount to Results Fields to Display. 
  2. If you'd like to see Constituent Name or other constituent Details, highlight Constituent in the left column. Drag Name to Results Fields to Display.
Save your query:
  1. Click Set save options tab and Name your query
  2. If you will be using this query elsewhere in Altru, mark to Create a selection
  3. If you will be using this query in another query, mark to Show this Selection in the Query Designer
  4. Save and Close
Here is an example of what a final query may look like: 
Example of Final Query for Revenue by Designation