Reference field incorrect in Altru

When viewing your general ledger post report in Altru you may notice that the reference field for some of your transactions may be incorrect. This could be caused by adding a reference on the add a payment screen when entering the transaction in Altru
This is performing as designed. When a user defines a value in the payment reference field that value will take priority and the default option will not populate on the post to GL report. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add a payment on the constituents recrod
    1. Click constituents > constituent search
    2. Click add payment
    3. Add an amount in the amount field. Then choose your application
    4. Once you have chosen your application click the add button to add the application
    5. Add a reference in the reference field under payment information
    6. Click save
  2. Run the Deposit process to pull in the payment
    1. Click Treasury > create Deposits
    2. Choose payment dates up to today
    3. Choose a deposit template that pulls in back office transactions from the payment method that you used to pay for the transaction
    4. Click start
  3. Run the Post to GL process
    1. Click Financials > Post revenue to GL
    2. Choose a GL process that has the Blackbaud Financial Edge Post Format as the output format
    3. Click start process
    4. After the process is ran click on the post report or Exception report if the transaction was pulled into the list of exceptions
    5. Under the reference field for the transaction notice that reference field matches the reference that was added on the add a payment screen


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